Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Firt Meal on New Year

On the 1st of new year, I give the present to myself by going to eat cake buffet. The cake buffet (ヶーキ 食べ放題) is the famous thing that we should do in Japan. It is really delicious. I searched on the internet with my friend and decision to go this place because there are 30 kinds of cake for tasting. Wow! It locates on the top floor of 25-floor Metropolitan Hotel near to Ikebukuro station. Wonderful panorama view!! The buffet price is approx. 1500 Yen per person but it is approx. 300-400 Yen per piece if we buy in the shop outside. It is worth to eat as much as we want even it is suffering in the last dishes. Let's see and slobber!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tokyo Disneyland (28 Dec 05)

I have a good chance to visit "Tokyo Disneyland". My Thai friend asks me to escort her in joining this trip. She knows one Japanese guy, Nori, who used to be an exchanged student in SIIT. Nori invited Koji who is his juniors in his university and Koji just came back from Thailand by being exchanged student in SIIT. I think I am quite familiar with his face when I met him. After we knew the fact, I think that world is really round. Koji invites his girlfriend, Aya jung, who is a cute japanese girl and really nice. Her job is kindergarten teacher and she really is a generous teacher for kids.
We spend a whole day in Disneyland with various playthings and a lot of fun. Those friends are very kind to me and being the good guides even they used to visit here many times.

Oh..! I finally reached Disneyland.