Saturday, August 27, 2005

I come back again after long time of first post. Today, I am really busy (as usual) with the Proceedings and CD publications for MT Summit X. You know, I have to work on editing 7 different types of Proceedings and 3 different types of CD. Yeah.... a lot :(
Today, I told a lot of different secrets to different persons. They swear that they don't tell our story to others but I don't think some of them may not keep it for long. That does not matter anything, they are just funny tales.
In the evening, we go to see Tom-Yum-Goong in cinema. It is a muscular movie which a lot of muscular person try to fight each others. The campaign of this movie is "real action, no sling, no stunt man." From my opinion, it contains non-complicated story and shows too much Thai cultures and Thai lifes, but its action scene is very good na. I think I would practice that kinds of action. Unfortunately, one of our friends misses this movies. He denied to join us with understandable reason. However, we want him to join very much.
Actually, I have a lot of secrets to share with you but some secrets is not suitable to speak in public. I should tell suitable story to each suitable person. This time is 2.00 a.m. It is very late. I gotta go to sleep now because I will have an early meeting with someone in the morning.

Bye for Now